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Gaming PC 2.1

Boost gaming performance of your PC by closing resource intensive processes

Gaming PC is a simple and free application designed to help you make the most of your game experience. To do so, it offers you a service manager that allows you to select which services may be shut down temporarily to boost up your game performance. Likewise, Gaming PC also includes a useful Windows tweaker and a game folder defragmenter.

The program comes with its own default list of services that, regardless of the game you wish to play, can be switched off to improve your game performance without compromising that of your computer. However, as some games may require more resources than other, or some services may be of use for some games and not for others, you can always create your own services sets, each of them carefully customized according to the requirements of each game. All these services are turned off only temporarily, and are turned on automatically as soon as the game finishes, switching back to normal mode.

You can increase the loading speed of your games by defragmenting the folders in which they are stored and by following the tips in the program's Windows tweaker. Here you can speed up disk access, system shutdown, and menu display; increase the number of simultaneous connections to the Internet using IE, improve network performance, control how background applications use your system's resources, etc.

Gaming PC is extremely easy to use. Any user can install and open this free tool and start adding games (together with their customized list of expendable services) to the program's game launcher. By using this tool every time you play a game, you will not need to worry about your system's configuration - Gaming PC will switch the necessary services on and off for you automatically.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes a Windows tweaker
  • Helps you manage the processes running on your system


  • Does not detect the games installed on your computer
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